Jamie is a social sustainability expert & project manager who supports impact-driven brands and organizations to build and communicate positive change.

Helping clients in agriculture, tech, and international development spaces reach their impact and sustainable-driven objectives through advisory services, project management, and strategic communications.


Social Impact.

Project & Stakeholder Management

Project conceptualization, leadership and coordination at any stage of the project cycle, with a focus on horizontal accountability for effective team & stakeholder management.

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Trusted Partners:

Strategic Communications

Custom communications services and narratives to effectively engage your audiences and convey your impact, purpose-driven ideas, and values.

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Impact Advisory & Consultancy

Findings, advice and roadmaps to turn sustainability & social impact knowledge into actionable tools, working towards an impact-driven vision grounded in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Project Management & Stakeholder Engagement

Common Fund for Commodities Technical Assistance Facility Team Project Management Support 

The Agroforestry Technical Assistance Facility (ATAF) was created by the Moringa Partnership to provide technical assistance to businesses in need within the ecosystem of Moringa Fund investees. As a consultant for ATAF, I provided project management support to agroforestry projects (palm oil and coffee) that encourage the inclusion of smallholders through outgrower schemes. Notables achivements include maximizing the impact for Fundación Nicafrance and managing an outgrower scheme strenghtening project for a Ghanian oil palm company.

Project Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Financial reporting 
Reporting & budgeting 
Monitoring & evaluation 

“Water at the Core of Coffee Growing Communities  
in Tolima and Cauca, Colombia”

In partnership with the FNC, Keurig Dr. Pepper and Jacob Douwe Egberts, this project benefits 2,895 producers through the implementation of integrated intelligent water management practices and infrastructure, based on interventions of Manos al Agua, the largest water project in the coffee sector. Focus on community participation to implement theory of change and strengthen female leadership.

Project coordination in initial and execution phase
Stakeholder management
Internal process improvement
Monitoring & evaluation
Strategic communications with clients
Technical assistance & research
Reporting & budgeting

“Coffee: A Model for Peace and Prosperity in Huila”

In partnership with Lavazza and the FNC, this project improves the profitability and environmental sustainability of coffee growing businesses in Huila to create a foundation for sustainable peace in rural areas of Colombia. Includes the implementation of community wet milling centers for associations, reforestation activities and providing social support.

Strategic communications with stakeholders
Technical assistance
Capacity-building & knowledge-sharing
Project coordination
Reporting & budgeting

Promoting Economic Development through Local Honey Production 

I developed a new line of collaboration between the Office of the United Nation High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia and a multi-national extractive company to improve human rights in high-risk communities. My focus was on stengthening leadership and human rights’ awareness for an apiculture association in El Bagre, Antioquia.  

Planning and facilitation of field missions
Execution of capacity-building workshops
Field research
Report writing
Human rights analysis
Program analysis and evaluation
Community empowerment
Strategy & Analysis

Partnership development and promotion of Cocoa as El Cultivo de Paz

Ynasu was an initiative that sought to facilitate direct, transparent trade of cacao beans and boost economic development during the post-peace process in Colombia in 2016. I worked with the co-founders to build partnerships, provide technical research, and manage all content and communications. 

Copywriting and content management
Stakeholder interviews and mapping
Desk and field research
Partnerships and liaison

Improving Due Diligence - Special Project with Otrium

Otrium is an e-commerce marketplace that partners with brands to sell unsold fashion, standing by the belief that all clothing should be worn. As part of this special operational project, I was hired as a consultant to develop and project manage. I collaborated with internal stakeholders to improve operational efficiency, develop internal processes, and create tools for monitoring and evaluation.

Project Management
Stakeholder Engagement
Team-building and Management

Project & Partnership coordination for 20 Million Coffee Trees Renovation Project 

Photo credit: Starbucks 

In partnership with Starbucks and the FNC, this project donates 20 million coffee trees to renovate coffee plantations in coffee-growing regions.

Partnership mapping 
Internal stakeholder management
Technical research  

Strategic Communications & Impact Measurement  

Sustainability Case Studies for The Fabricant 

The Fabricant is a digital fashion house that seeks to create a more inclusive, sustainable industry. I lead research to show the environmental impact of the digital sampling, building from Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) research by Imperial College London. I built 2 case studies to compare and analyze the carbon footprint of physical garments versus their digital counterparts, which resulted in half a million euros in impact investment.

Archers Leaders Program Evaluation with KTF and Humankind Advisory

In collaboration with global communications consultancy Humankind Advisory and Kokoda Track Foundation (KTF), I am worked on an evaluation for the Archers Leaders Development Program, which seeks to create the next generation of leaders in Papua New Guinea through adaptive leadership. The evaluation focuses on the power of narratives to portray the program’s impact. Read the report here.

Evaluation Framework
Survey implementation
Qualitative Data Collection
Stakeholder Interviews

Program Evaluation
Report Writing

Communications for agritech start-up CropConex

is an agritech start-up that creates a digital ecosystem to facilitate transparent and traceable trade. Starting in the coffee sector, CropConex was commissioned by the Ethiopian government to develop possible solutions that would benefit all stakeholders in the supply chain. I provided advisory services to the founder to develop messaging of impact and provided communications support.

“Building Resilience: Educational Opportunities for Sustainable Peace in San Juan de Rioseco”

In partnership with the FNC and Costa Foundation, this projects improves students’ learning environment and educational facilities through the renovation of school buildings, the implementation of productive projects with 5 students, and the incorporation of training and learning programs.

Partnership management  
Monitoring & evaluation
Project proposal writing
Reporting & budgeting

Improvement of internal processes
Liaison with local governments & communities  

Contributor and Researcher for Coffee Intelligence Publication   

Coffee Intelligence is an online publication with a simple mission: To dedicate high-quality journalism to the most important topics in the coffee sector. Coverage includes emerging market trends, challenges at origin, technological innovation, and human interest stories. Features here.

Advisory & Consulting

Sustainability Advising for Jam3 x Allbirds adidas FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT  

FUTURECRAFT.FOOTPRINT is an Allbirds adidas collaboration that designed the first performance running shoe created under 3kg CO2e per pair. I provided research and advising to the agency senior strategist and designer for content creation and launch of the campaign.
Sustainability Research and Advising for The Fabricant

I worked with the co-founders in understanding how sustainability is viewed and can be incorporated as a value through employee interviews and additional research.
Incorporating sustainability was two-fold: 1) Deepening undertsanding of environmental impact of NFTs 2) Creating sustainability case studies to prove positive environemental impact of digital fashion.

In addition, I worked on general strategy for integrating diversity + inclusion as part of the company’s culture.