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 Coffee Intelligence is an online publication with a simple mission: To dedicate high-quality journalism to the most important topics in the coffee sector. Coverage includes emerging market trends, challenges at origin, technological innovation, and human interest stories.

Has the EU forgotten about smallholder coffee farmers?
Coffee Intelligence | Dec. ‘22

Market monopolies: Are small coffee companies doomed to fail?
Coffee Intelligence | Dec. ‘22

‘Price premiums: Can specialty coffee roasters stay true to their promises?’
Coffee Intelligence | Nov. ‘22

‘Tostao Café y Pan: The rise and fall of Colombia’s coffee unicorn’
Coffee Intelligence | Oct. ‘22

‘Why Colombia’s coffee pickers aren’t Colombian’ 
Coffee Intelligence | Sept. ‘22

‘Speciality coffee varieties: Why older farmers have reason to be sceptical’
Coffee Intelligence | July ‘22

‘The festishisation of coffee farmers’
Coffee Intelligence | July ‘22


Trickle is an agency that promotes diversity & inclusion in the workplace through anonymous hiring, trainings and education. As guest blogger, I conducted research and shared thoughts about the importance of diversity & inclusion in the sustainability and international development spaces.

‘Why Sustainabilty Needs to be More Diverse and Inclusive’
Trickle Agency | May ‘21