A dynamic sustainability professional and social justice advocate with 6+ years experience working at the intersection of social impact, corporate social responsibility and human rights. I've built a strong track record leading and coordinating impact-driven projects touching on themes ranging from corporate social responsibility, sustainable agriculture, gender equality to education.

My multi-disciplinary experience grounded in international relations/diplomacy has allowed me to develop strong stakeholder management skills and strategic communication abilities to uplight and empower various perspectives. I'm a strong believer in intersectional sustainability and inclusion.

As a California-native who started my career in the tech industry, I am a self-starter who brings an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation, and collaborative approach to the work I do.


After finishing my BA at UC Berkeley and MA in International Relations within the War Studies Department at King’s College London and developing a newfound disaffection for the state of global politics, I sought work that would have an impact in communities affected by conflict. I moved to Colombia after the 2016 peace agreement, and with UN Human Rights Office of the High Commissioner, I worked with a community association to boost productive activities for economic development. Since then, I’ve solidifed my experience working at the intersection of corporate social responsibility, human rights, and sustainable supply chains. Through this experience, I’ve solidified my expertise on social sustainability in practice, but have recently developed my generalist sustainability knowledge. 

I seek to drive positive impact both for beneficiaries and for partners through collaboration, transparent communication and strategic thinking. I imbue ambition and empathy in all my work. In anything I do, I am driven by the desire to create meaningful connections and inspire positive change through empowering actions, however grand or miniscule.

Where to find me

Hailing from Sacramento, California with experience global clientele from US, Latin America, Europe and the UK. Currently based in Amsterdam, NL. I am registered as an independent consultant with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, allowing me to work with clients across the globe on a freelance basis

In my free time you can find me perusing through bookshelves, attempting to learn a new language, adding Fleetwood Mac songs to my guitar repertoire, kickboxing, hula dancing or getting lost on my bike in Amsterdam. 

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